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Meet the Researchers

Our Team Leaders


Guillermo Sapiro

James B. Duke Distinguished Professor, Pratt School of Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Nancy Zucker

Professor & Director of Graduate Studies, School of Medicine, Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences


Sarah Gaither

Associate Professor of Psychology & Neuroscience

Our Project Leads

Savannah Erwin

Doctoral Candidate, Clinical Psychology, Class of 2023

Joy Knowles

Lab Manager - Duke Identity and Diversity Lab

Jalisa Jackson

Clinical Research Specialist, Sr. - Duke Center for Eating Disorders

Faith Joo

Psychology & Neuroscience, Class of 2023

Our Team

Allison Falls

Pyschology, Class of 2024

Eleanor Robb Image (2)

Eleanor Robb

Psychology & French, Class of 2023

Alyssa Nelson

Pyschology, Class of 2023

Iris Liang

Economics & Pyschology, Class of 2023

Lily Elman

Disability Studies, Class of 2023

Sophie Cary

Chemistry & Pyschology, Class of 2025

J. Matias Di Martino

Research Assistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Young Kyung Kim

Doctoral Candidate, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Class of 2026

Kara Washington

Clinical Research Specialist, Sr - Duke Center for Autism and Brain Development

Gary Bennett

Bishop-MacDermott Family Professor of Psychology & Neuroscience & Dean of Trinity College of Arts and Sciences

Our Collaborators

David Goldston

Associate Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

Tim Strauman

Professor of Psychology & Neuroscience

circle-cropped (3)

Mary Pat McMahon

Vice Provost/Vice President for Student Affairs

Amy Powell

Threat Assessment & Management Coordinator

Tom Szigethy

Associate Dean of Students & Director of DuWell


Sara Pratt Peacock

Associate Dean of Students & Director of DukeReach

Sue Wasiolek

Adjunct Associate Professor of Education

Christina Boghosian

Public Policy Studies & Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Class of 2020

Team Alumni

Laura Li

Computer Science & Psychology, Class of 2022

Brendan Burg

Psychology, Class of 2020

Kyra Citron

Gender Sexuality & Feminist Studies and Psychology, Class of 2020

Brooke Keene

Electrical & Computer Engineering & Computer Science, Class of 2020

Bruny Kenou

Neuroscience, Class of 2020

Taylor Shabani

Computer Science, Class of 2022

Ameya Sanyal

Global Health & Psychology, Class of 2021

Evan Dragich

Psychology & Statistics, Class of 2023

Urmi Pandya

Psychology, Class of 2021

Brooke Scheinberg

Math & Psychology, Class of 2021

Lizzy Roy

Psychology, Class of 2022

Chrissy Barrett

Psychology, Class of 2022

Katherine Buchholz

Psychology, Class of 2022

Camden Nelson

Biology, Class of 2022

Christina Lee

Economics and Psychology, Class of 2023

Leslie Leal Palacios

Neuroscience, Class of 2022

Lizzy Davidson

Biology, Class of 2023

Amber Fu

Neuroscience & Philosophy, Class of 2023

Aspen Martin

Psychology & Statistics, Class of 2023

Jacqueline Cruz

Computer Science & Psychology, Class of 2023

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