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DukeLine: a Textline by Duke students, for Duke students

Text (984) 230-4888 to connect with a Peer Coach
*Open daily during the school year from 5 PM - 11 PM*

What is DukeLine?

DukeLine is a group of your peers. We are a resource for support and referral, created by Duke students and a team of mental health professionals and community leaders. Having come from many walks of life, we’ve dealt with various mental health, academic, relational, and physical challenges and are proud of the myriad of racial, sexual, and socioeconomic identities we represent. We are trained by experts in empowering those experiencing emotional dysregulation, sexual violence, financial insecurity, and more. We are knowledgeable about campus resources and are integrated into a network of leaders in the community who can help facilitate support. We respect your individual identities and support your unique experience. We are here to listen and if you wish, walk through options to help you determine what is best for you right now.


Our Service

We are a chat-line. Students who want to anonymously chat with a Peer Coach can text (984) 230-4888We are trained listeners, here so you don’t have to face any situation alone. No problem is too small for us to care about.

*DukeLine will re-open Fall 2023 for all Duke students.*  

We are kind peers willing to listen and talk. We are not trained to respond to emergency situations. Follow this link to find resources that may better serve you if you are experiencing a crisis.

To learn more about some examples of situations that people may want to text us about and for a comprehensive user’s guide, click here.

Our Coaches

All of our coaches are Duke students (learn more about our coaches here).

Coaches participate in a full-credit, semester-long course prior to acting as responders on DukeLine’s platform.

Coaches are supervised by professional clinical care providers.

All feedback from DukeLine users about experiences with coaches is anonymous.


About Us

DukeLine is the brainchild of a Bass Connections and Charles LaFitte Foundation funded research team that has been working since Fall 2018 to bring more logistical and emotional support to students on Duke’s campus. As undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty members, and campus leaders, we joined together because each of us felt that support for students could be different: expanded, more accessible, more immediate, more relatable, and less threatening. We are trying to fill in some gaps within existing resources. For some, we may provide an in-the-moment support that is anonymous. We may also provide additional support for those who are currently in therapy but could use a little boost in-between sessions. For others, we could be the gateway to professional services by shattering some of initial barriers to seeking mental health services.

Interested in getting involved?