Duke in Silicon Valley: Unlike Anything I’ve Taken at Duke

Kevin Hoch/ June 21, 2021/ 2021

This summer I had the pleasure of being a part of the Duke in Silicon Valley program offered by Duke’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) department. The course is unlike anything else I’ve taken at Duke. I wanted to reflect on the experience, and share some of my key takeaways with other students, who might be deciding on how to tailor

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Duke in Silicon Valley: Behemoth of Learning and Networking Opportunities

Kevin Hoch/ June 2, 2021/ 2021

Duke in Silicon Valley has been a behemoth of learning and networking opportunities. Filled with design thinking modules, erudite speaker sessions, and intense collaborative projects, this class has been a true simulation of what it takes to “build a successful enterprise”. This course is spearheaded by our distinguished Professor Kathie Amato, who has acquainted us with an array of avenues

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Duke in Silicon Valley: Eye-Opening & Exciting

Kevin Hoch/ May 21, 2021/ 2021

The first week of the summer 2021 Duke in Silicon Valley has been eye-opening and exciting. From networking with DSV alumni, chatting with representatives of the Duke Career Center and Duke Engineering, to interactive sessions with unique and inspiring speakers, we all have gotten a sneak peek into and gained a foundational understanding of the mindsets, skills, and resilience necessary

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