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Promoting political theory

Protecting free speech and fostering dialogue across ideological lines

Teaching the American founding

Recent books by AVI postdoctoral fellows

We are excited to announce that four alumni of AVI’s postdoctoral fellowship program have published books in 2019 (read summaries of the books below). The diverse topics of these books—from an examination of the ways in which autobiographical writings might inform democratic politics to an analysis of religious leaders who sought to shape how Americans […]

Introducing the AVI annual newsletter

In our hyperpartisan era, many Americans are only willing to talk politics with people who share their beliefs. Read our inaugural newsletter to learn about how the Duke Program in American Values and Institutions challenges students to consider ideologies different from their own. In addition to describing highlights of the past academic year, the newsletter […]

Jason Frank gives keynote address at graduate conference

“The engagement between our graduate student participants and faculty, as well as a terrific keynote speech by Professor Jason Frank of Cornell University,” were among the highlights of the 2019 Graduate Conference in Political Theory, according to graduate student and conference co-organizer Elliot Mamet. Professor Frank’s address was entitled, “The People as Popular Manifestation.” The […]