Welcome to the website for the Visions of Freedom Living-Learning Community (LLC), Duke’s first living-learning community. We’re a society of Duke students with a passion for politics, philosophy, and economics. We strongly believe the best conversations don’t always happen in the classroom; they can happen over a meal, during a trip off-campus or even in the middle of a social event. That’s why we’re striving to create a living-learning space for casual intellectual conversations outside of the classroom and traditional extracurricular settings.

We value intellectual diversity—how can you have a good conversation if everyone always agrees? Our members come from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines. While many of us major in political science and public policy, some of us major in biology. While a good number of us participated in FOCUS our freshman year, many of us did not. We have members anywhere from a 10 minute drive off-campus to the other side of the world. Diversity is at the core of our community, and our constructive and respectful political, philosophical and economic conversations benefit immensely from it.