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Nora Hanagan/ January 14, 2020/ Living Learning Community

Visions of Freedom House Course

The Visions of Freedom Living Learning Community is a free and well-funded alternative to SLG and Greek housing. Meals with professors, trivia nights, a house course by and for the LLC, and trips to Washington DC, Charleston, and the mountains of North Carolina are just some of the programming that have come to characterize the Visions of Freedom LLC. Though our members major in everything from Computer Science and Neuroscience to History and Religion, our programming is themed around politics, philosophy, and economics. Members can expect lasting friendships and meaningful discussions about everything from the meaning of a Black Mirror episode to the stakes of foreign policy today. We seek to understand society and government through open, honest, and courageous discussion.

Who can join?


What is recruitment like?

Recruitment is not a rush process. Everyone who wants a spot in the LLC next year will have one. If interest exceeds the available number of beds, a lottery system will select members from among the interested pool of applicants who have attended several events. All of our recruitment events are fully-funded and free to prospective recruits. We encourage students to come to the events to start building friendships that will last for years.

When is recruitment?

Now!  See calendar below.

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