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Photo Gallery

The Culture Lab celebrating for Cinco de Mayo and Star Wars day

The Culture Lab welcoming Kirby Lam on the recruitment day and celebrating for both Patrick and Kirby’s NSF GRFP awards and Natalia’s honorable mention for the Ford fellowship.

Natalia Espinosa, our graduate student, with her poster presentation at SPSP 2023, Atlanta, GA

Mercedes Muñoz, our graduate student, is giving a talk at SPSP conference 2023, Atlanta, GA

The Duke Culture Lab at SPSP Culture Pre-conference, 2023 in Atlanta, GA

(Dr. Cristina Salvador, Patrick Gilbert Mercado Reyes, Natalia Espinosa)

The Culture Lab and Identity & Diversity Labs welcoming new lab members, Mohammad Wiswall, Patrick Gilbert Mercado Reyes, Joy Knowles, and Janet Youkyung Kim  (August, 2022)

The Culture Lab wrapping up the end of our first semester with a celebratory Duke Chapel climb (December 2021).