Assignment 2: Sound and Video Recording

Using any sound and/or video recording device available to you (for example, a smartphone, DSLR, pocket recorder, etc.), make at least five recordings of at least 30 seconds each, and no more than two minutes per recording. Some ideas: Your recordings can capture indoor or outdoor settings (i.e. nature or cityscapes), crowds of people, machines in motion, or even scripted / choreographed action, interviews or short films. Perhaps the recordings you make will relate to the ideas and files you’ve been collecting in your project folder and journal. Add your recordings to your project folder, and be prepared to share and discuss them in our next class meeting. 


Editing software:

You have access to Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition for audio and video editing. Be sure to edit your clips down to the sonically, visually and conceptually interesting parts. Note that if you’re using a smartphone, it might be easiest to trim your clips there.