Spring 2022, CMAC/ISS/VMS 290-S

Unit 2: Artist List

Critical making and new media art

Critical Art Ensemble 
Electronic Disturbance Theater, “Transborder Immigrant Tool”
Ekene Ijeoma, “Wage Islands”
Natalie Jeremijenko, “Bureau of Inverse Technology”
Mendi & Keith Obadike, “black net.art auction”
Eva and Franco Mattes, “Befnoed”
Ken Goldberg, “Telegarden”


Unit 1: Artist List


Assignment 2: Sound and Video Recording


  1. Yoo Bin Shin

    I can give a presentation on Eva and Franco Mattes, “Befnoed”.

  2. Ameya Rao

    I can present on Ekene Ijeoma’s “Wage Islands”

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