The purpose of this assignment is to gain initial familiarity with Max/MSP/Jitter by experimentation and working through the tutorials. Review the tutorials below, and using materials from your project archive, create a simple audio/visual composition. It doesn’t have to resemble what you may imagine for your project. At this stage, the expectation is that, you’ll modify parameters manually (i.e. by clicking/dragging with the mouse)— we’ll develop a good familiarity with how to change the parameters of Max object boxes manually using message and number boxes before getting into automated and interactive methods. 

Assignment parameters: 

Use at least two video clips—they may or may not have their own soundtrack. Referencing the tutorials above, modify at least two of the following parameters: 

  • Video playback speed & direction
  • Video start, end & loop points (if looping)
  • Video brightness / tint / color level modification
  • Zoom / rotation
  • Relative mix between two or more videos
  • Video blend modes

Use at least two audio recordings—separate from any audio contained in the video files. Referencing the tutorials above, modify at least two of the following parameters:

  • Audio playback speed & direction
  • Audio start, end & loop points (if looping)
  • Relative mix between two or more audio files
  • Audio relative mix between left & right channels

Once ready, use Zoom to make a screen recording (cloud), demonstrating your experiment—remember to turn computer audio on. Make a recording no longer than 5 minutes, including the following:

  • Show how the patch works
  • Explain how you’d develop the patch further with more time, or any connections to themes related to your archive that developed for you
  • Explain any difficulties you may have had with Max so far. 

Once the screen recording is complete, put a link to it in your Box folder. 

Tutorials & Reference Files

Max/MSP Tutorials: In Max, go to Help > Reference

  • Max Basic Tutorials 1—5
  • Jitter Tutorials 1—8
  • MSP Sampling Tutorials 1—7

It will be helpful to reference the help patches for the following Max objects as you work through the tutorials and as you make your own patch:

  • Video (Jitter): [] [jit.matrix] [] [jit.window] [jit.brcosa] [jit.xfade]
  • Audio (MSP): [sfplay~] [buffer~] [play~] [groove~] [ezdac~] [ezadc~] [gain~] [+~]
  • Control (Max): Number box, messages box, toggles, “bang”, [metro]