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Pierre Midterm

My part starts around 27 minutes into the video, sorry for the delay

Art Presentation: ECHOES by EPOCH x LACMA

Click here to enter the exhibition.

Click here to view the list of artist works in ECHOES and read their descriptions.

Click here to read how artist Peter Wu+ discusses the genesis of EPOCH, how he collaborates with artists to digitize and display their work, and his approach to NFTs.

Click here to read the introduction to the exhibition from LACMA Art & Technology Lab’s Program Director, Joel Ferree.

Zoe Superville Midterm


Noelle Garrick Midterm

Begins around 34:00~

Noelle Garrick Midterm

Begins around 34:00 minute mark~

Isabella Wang Midterm

Timestamp: 53 minutes and 20 seconds!

Thanks all for taking the time to watch + your feedback 🙂



Feedback for Noelle and Molly have been left on their midterm posts.

My feedback for Pierre (sorry I couldn’t find the midterm post):

Hi Pierre!

Wow! It is really cool to see that a big portion of your project is already functional! Congrats 🙂 It was really satisfying watching the little ball bump into one another and eventually fall, and I agree with Quran that your project idea is really interesting and has a lot of great potential. I especially liked how you are taking a critique of NFT’s that is very abstract and representing it in a way that is very physical and visually-striking and gets your message across well.

While you were talking about your piece, I could think of two suggestions:

  1. Since you already have a Max patch working, you could consider adding a little bit of audio to your piece, in some way that connects to how the balls are falling so you can take advantage of the setup you already have in Max. I was envisioning perhaps a small boink or noise whenever a ball moves for the first time (is knocked into), and maybe you can have it get increasingly louder as we approach the point where every ball has been affected by one ball moving. This is just one idea, the audio could be implemented however you think best represents your message!
  2. If wrapping an NFT around each ball is too difficult, you could have the balls be different colors and once every ball has been shifted from its initial position, the bottom of the box could transform/melt into a giant picture of one NFT to emphasize the fact that a lot of NFT’s are essentially the same image.

Great project overall, I’m excited to see the final product!!


Artist List: blockchain and web 3

From Droitcour, “BRICK AND VOXEL: EXHIBITING NFTS, PART TWO” , Art in America

Cynthia France Midterm

Starts at around 42:00

Quran Karriem’s Midterm Presentation


Molly Honecker’s Midterm

Time stamp: 01:02:47 to end

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