Spring 2022, CMAC/ISS/VMS 290-S

Unit 1: Artist List

What are media? What is the medium?

James Turrell, Circular Glass

James Turrell, Circular Glass

James Turrell
Nam Jun Paik, “Electronic Superhighway”
Ryoji Ikeda, “Spectra”
Alvin Lucier, “I Am Sitting In A Room”
Hans Tammen
Luke Dubois
John Whitney, “Catalog”
The Vasulkas


Assignment 1: Building a Project Archive and Journal


Unit 2: Artist List


  1. Noelle Garrick

    I can do John Whitney on the 10th.

    • Rebecca Uliasz

      Hi Noelle — thanks for volunteering! we were not going to require anyone present on the 10th, but we are really happy to have you present if you are ok with going first.

  2. Isabella Wang

    Hi, I’d be happy to do Nam Jun Paik’s “Electronic Superhighway” after Noelle!

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