Assignment 1: Building a Project Archive and Journal

Start curating an archive of sampled digital materials (audio, video, photos, animations, text), alongside a journal of inspirations and ideas. The purpose of the activity is to start thinking about your artistic concerns, as well as specific materials you might work with. At the next class meeting, you’ll share the materials in your archive, how you’ve organized it, and a bit about why you’ve selected certain files and what ideas they represent for you. You may or may not choose to use these specific materials in assignments and projects moving forward, but the expectation is that you’re updating this archive throughout the course so that you have a ready source of materials that are interesting to you once we start introducing production techniques. Think of this journal and project archive as the conceptual and material basis for the works you’ll produce throughout the semester. 

You will use Duke Box to organize your archive, assignments, and final project this semester. We will demonstrate in class how these folders should be organized.

Here is a demo folder