Water Quality

Water Quality curriculum for high school students

Middle school students sift for microplastics found in the sand

Our Water Quality Curriculum was developed to connect high school students with local water quality issues. Whether you live on the coast, the plains or in the mountains, the quality of our rivers, lakes, streams and oceans affects us all. Our curriculum uses hands-on classroom activities, community engagement and our Adopt-A-Drain citizen science program to understand how storm water affects local water quality.

Adopt-A-Drain citizen science program

Become a citizen scientist and help us monitor plastics in local storm water! Click here to learn more, register, and more!

In-person water quality programs Duke Marine Lab

 We offer hands-on, field-based water quality programs for middle school class in partnership with the University of North Carolina Institute of Marine Science (UNC-IMS) and Dr. Rachel Noble. These all-day field trips are based at the Duke Marine Lab and Rachel Carson Reserve and allow students to explore invertebrates, understand how stormwater influences water quality, discover what lives in salt marsh ecosystems, monitor water quality in the field, and understand the importance of producers and consumers to coastal ecosystems.

Anemone ingesting microplastic during an experiment

High school students experiment with anemone ingestion of microplastics

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