Marine Debris

DUML Marine Debris Curriculum

DUML Marine Debris Curriculum is a year-long interdisciplinary program for 4th and 5th grade classrooms across North Carolina. It was developed by DUML researchers, local teachers, and community members.

Cleaning our beaches and quantifying trash






Creating informative art with garbage collected from a classroom trash audit

The interdisciplinary activities in this curriculum are designed to inspire our kids to explore and discover issues surrounding marine debris and utilize a mixture of newly created activities. Together, these activities represent a year-long curriculum that will engage elementary students with experiential learning based on local ecosystems. 

If you are interested in getting your school or class involved, contact the DUML Community Science Team, and we will get you help get your classroom out in the community.

The curriculum in action!

Teachers and students across NC have been learning and creating amazing MD projects. Check out our hashtag #EEdebris to see the curriculum in action and check out videos from our collaborators at the NCSU Environmental Education lab at their YouTube channel.

Click here to see a mural students created from their collected marine debris!

Additional Classroom Resources