Bass Connections Funding

Bass Connections is made possible by more than 70 donors, including our founding donors Anne and Robert Bass. These donors have established 86 funds to support project teams, educational programming, faculty engagement and linkages between Bass Connections and other university programs.

The funds enable Bass Connections to introduce new program innovations, such as the COVID-19 pop-up theme, and expand opportunities for students to engage in team-based, applied research.

Additional funding to support the COVID-19 pop-up theme was provided by the Duke Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute and the Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy.

Core program expenses for Bass Connections in 2020-2021 totaled approximately $2.3 million.

Figures do not include affiliated gifts administered by schools such as faculty chairs or educational program funds. Summer program figures include funding provided through Bass Connections sources but do not represent the total cost of running affiliated summer programs.

Thanks for reading the Bass Connections 2020-2021 annual report. Please visit our website and contact us with questions.