Claire Gianakas (Graduate Student 2018-2022)

Current Position: Medical Writer, Whitsell Innovations, Dallas, TX


Aastha Garde (Graduate Student 2016-2022)

Current Position: Postdoctoral scholar, Jonikas Lab, Princeton University, NJ

Aastha Garde - Graduate Student

Sara Payne (Graduate Student 2016-2022)

Current Position: Scientist I at BioAgilytix in RTP, NC

Sandra Vergara (Scientist 2017-2021; Visiting Post-doctoral scholar 2016-2017)

Current Position: Variant Scientist,  Tempus Labs, Chicago, IL

Sandra Vergara - Postdoctoral Fellow

Eric Hastie (Post-doctoral scholar 2015-2020)

Current Position: Teaching Assistant Professor, Co-Director of the CBER Lab, Department of Biology, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, NC


Dan Keeley (Graduate Student 2013-2019)

Current Position: Advanced Tissue Imaging Scientist, United Therapeutics Research. RTP, NC


Kacy Gordon (Post-doctoral scholar  2014-2019)


Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, University of North Carolina


Lara Linden-High (Graduate Student 2011-2017) 


Current Position: Instructor of Biology, Duke University, NC


Jonathan Jeger (Technician 2016-2017) 

Current Position: Medical Resident, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, Rochester, MN 



Kaleb Naegeli (Graduate Student 2010-2017) 

Current Position: Principal Scientist, Humacyte, RTP, NC


Shelly McClatchey (Graduate Student 2011-2016) 

Current Position: Lecturer at the University of Hawaii Leeward Community College,  Pearl City, Oahu, HI


Adam Schindler (Post-doctoral Scholar 2009-2016) 

Current Position: Senior Regulatory Writer at Aroga Biosciences.  San Diego, CA


Matt Clay (Post-doctoral Scholar 2014-2015)

Current Position:  ‎Senior Research Scientist, Gregor Diagnostics, Madison, WI

Lauren Lilley Lohmer (Graduate Student 2009-2015)  

Current Position: Director, Clin Pharm and Pmx, Nuventra, Research Triangle Park, NC



Meghan Morrissey (Graduate Student 2009-2015)

Current Position:  Assistant Professor, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, UC Santa Barbara, CA

Dave Matus (Postdoctoral Fellow 2007-2013)

Current Position:  Associate Professor, Dept. of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Stony Brook University, NY & Scientist and Interim Director of Laboratory Operations, Arcadia Science, Berkley, CA

Zheng Wang (Graduate Student/Postdoctoral Fellow 2007-2013)

Current Position: M.D./Ph.D. Senior Scientist, Medical Research Center, Tongji Medical College, Huzahong University of Science and Technology
Attending, Dept. of Surgery, Union Hospital, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Wei Zou (Postdoctoral Fellow 2012-2013)

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Institute of Translational Medicine, School of medicine at Zhejiang University, China

Ruth Zheng (Undergraduate Researcher 2011-2013)

Current Position: Resident in Pathology at UCSF



Emily Chang (Undergraduate Researcher 2011-2013)

Current Position: PGY1 Pharmacy Resident, UF Health, Jacksonville, FL

Elliott Hagedorn (Graduate Student 2006-2012)

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Hematology & Medical Oncology, Boston University, MA

Josh Ziel (Graduate Student 2005-2011) 

Current Position: VP, Program Development, Aerami Therapeutics, New York, NY

Shinji Ihara  (Postdoctoral Fellow 2008-2010)    

Current Position: Full Professor, Prefectural University of Hiroshima, Japan

Mary (Yang) Hagedorn  (Undergraduate Researcher 2008-2010)

 Current Position: Associate Attorney at DLA Piper, Boston, MA
Mary copy

Swathi Appachi  (Undergraduate Researcher 2007-2009)

Current Position: Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital and the Head & Neck Institute. Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery



Daniel Agarwal (Undergraduate Researcher 2007-2009)

Current Position: Opthomologist, San Luis Obispo Eye Associates, CA
Daniel Agarwal Photo copy

Ginger Miley (Postdoctoral Fellow 2005-2009)

Current Position: Talent Manager, Performentor, RTP, NC

Sarah (Durbin) Wicker (Research Associate 2005-2008)

Current Position: Registered Nurse, UNC REX Healthcare, Raleigh, NC

UNC REX Healthcare

RN at UNC REX Healthcare

Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Area

RN at UNC REX Healthcare

Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Area

Sarah Durbin Photo

Hanako Yashiro (Undergraduate Researcher 2005-2007)

Current Position: Post-doctoral scholar, California Institute of Technology