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Xuemiao Chen: Lectures

September 14, 2021
TITLE: Compactness for Ω-Yang-Mills connections 

ABSTRACT: We will study the gauge theoretic aspects of stable bundles defined via multipolarizations. The latter turns out to be stable bundles over complex manifolds with balanced metrics of Hodge-Riemann type. This motivates us to study the so-called Ω-Yang-Mills connections which generalize the Yang-Mills connections naturally. Here Ω is an auxiliary smooth (n-4) form not necessarily closed. This is based on joint works with Richard Wentworth. 

January 12, 2018
TITLE: Singularities of Hermitian Yang Mills connections and the Harder-Narasimhan-Seshadri filtration

ABSTRACT: I will talk about joint work with Song Sun on the tangent cones of Hermitian Yang Mills connections with point singularity.