Starting/Funding Student Groups

Starting a Student Group

Students interested in creating a new student organization must:

  1. Set up a meeting with their 1st or 2nd Year Representatives to discuss their proposal.
  2. Submit an application to the MPP Student Council.
  3. Present their proposal to the full MPP Student Council.

There is no specific deadline or timeline to start a new student group. Funds will be distributed as availability allows.


Funding Your Student Group

The Student Council will solicit budget proposals from club leaders every fall and spring via email. Clubs must:

  1. Create a slide deck that includes general background about the event, the value/goal it aligns with (see below), and a general list of what you plan on spending the money on. Each event (or if a series of events, such as speakers) should have its own slide. Funding allocation will be evaluated by the request’s alignment with the MPP Student Priorities.
  2. Send the slide deck to Tony (;
    • The Council may ask you to present or provide more information if needed.

* Remember, funding requests need to be approved by Big Duke, so we may be limited in the types of activities we can fund. We will attempt to be creative with fulfilling requests and ask you to also be creative in the proposals you send.

* Remember that an executive member of your club must complete training; if you do not, we cannot disburse funds.

MPP Student Council Strategic Vision

      1. Creating sustainable mental health resources.
      2. Building community between Sanford students administration and faculty.
      3. Advocating for a more dynamic and holistic curriculum.
      4. Improving student experience with Career Services.
      5. Advocating for improved Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice efforts from Sanford.