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The following articles have been published on RISE projects and research activities.

DV Blondel, A Sansone, J Rosenberg, EA Godin, BW Yang, LT Jaglom-Kurtz, L Linnenbrink-Garcia and RD Schwartz-Bloom and (2019) Development of an online experiment platform for high school biology.  Journal of Formative Design in Learning 3(1):62-81 READ about Rex»


EA Godin, SV Workington, T Perez, MM Barger, KE Snyder, LS Richman, RD Schwartz-Bloom and L Linnenbrink-Garcia (2015) A pharmacology-based enrichment program for undergraduates promotes interest in science.  CBE-Life Sciences Education 14:1-12 READ about LEAP »


EA Godin, N Kwiek, SS Sikes, MJ Halpin, CA Weinbaum, LF Burgette, JP Reiter and RD Schwartz-Bloom (2014) Alcohol Pharmacology Education Partnership:  Using chemistry and biology concepts to educate high school students about alcohol.  Journal of Chemical  Education. 91:165-172. DOI:10.1021/ed40  READ about APEP »


CHJ Chen, A Jiang, E Litkowski, AR Elia, JA Shuen, K Xu, A Bonhivert, H Hsu-Kim, and RD Schwartz-Bloom (2011) Females Excelling More in Math, Engineering, and Science (FEMMES): An after-school STEM program for girls that fosters hands-on learning and female to female mentorship Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering. 17:313-324. DOI:10.1615/JWomenMinorScienEng.2011002293   READ about FEMMES »


RD Schwartz-Bloom, MJ Halpin, and JR Reiter (2011) Teaching high school chemistry in the context of pharmacology helps both teachers and students learn. Journal of Chemical Education. 88:744-750. READ about PEP & Distant Learning»


SS Sikes and RD Schwartz-Bloom (2009) Direction discovery—A science enrichment program for high school students. Journal of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Education 37(2):77-83. READ about LEAP for High School»


SS Sikes and RD Schwartz-Bloom (2009) Launch into Education About Pharmacology: Transforming students into scientists. Molecular Interventions 8 (5):215-219. READ about LEAP for High School »


NC Kwiek, MJ Halpin, JP Reiter, LA Hoeffler, and RD Schwartz-Bloom (2007) Pharmacology in the High School Classroom. Science 317:1871-1872 READ about the Pharmacology Education Project or PEP-Phase 2 »


MJ Halpin, L Hoeffler, and RD Schwartz-Bloom (2005) Piquing student interest with pharmacology. The Science Teacher. Nov. 48-51. READ about the PEP project for high school teachers »


RD Schwartz-Bloom (2005) Science Education: A Neuroscientist’s View of Translational Medicine. Journal of Neuroscience 25:5667-5669. READ about Neuroscience Education for High School »


RD Schwartz-Bloom (2005) The Pharmacology Education Partnership: Improving high school biology and chemistry. The Pharmacologist 47:13-16. READ about PEP »


RD Schwartz-Bloom and MJ Halpin (2003) Integration of pharmacology topics into high school biology and chemistry classes improves student performance. Journal of Research in Science Teaching 40: 922-938. READ about The Pharmacology Education Project or PEP-Phase 1 »