Team: LLDAS, aka “Treat to Target 4 SLE”

Base Article: Franklyn K, Lau CS, Navarra SV, et al. Definition and initial validation of a Lupus Low Disease Activity State (LLDAS). Ann Rheum Dis. 2016;75(9):1615-1621. doi:10.1136/annrheumdis-2015-207726

Authors: University of Manchester Fellowship Program

  1. Sarah Dyball, MBBS, rheumatology registrar, The University of Manchester
  2. Anastasia Madenidou, MBBS, rheumatology registrar, The University of Manchester
  3. Mia Rodziewicz, MBBS, rheumatology registrar, The University of Manchester

Team Overview

In lupus, we cheer for LLDAS, oh so grand,
A paradigm shift, that is changing the land!
Practically perfect and so much more
For our patients it opens a door
Low disease activity in rheumatology is not new,
But lupus patients need it, it’s true!

Unacceptable disease burden, patients’ struggles are real,
Morbidity, damage, high disease activity are a big deal
International communities working to get the management strategy right
Treat to target   T2T goal, shining so bright!

You may wonder why so many components, why it took so long?
In SLEDAI, BILAG, SRI4, the steroids don’t belong
Clinical trials have only a 52-week aim,
But with LLDAS, reduced damage and mortality is the lifelong game!

SLEDAI-2k less than four,
Steroids above 7.5mg, is acceptable no more!
Physician assessment less than one, the target is right
LLDAS wins the world cup, on match night

No EMBRACE for belimumab’s trial,
Conflicting evidence won’t make you smile,
Our competitors pit one treatment with another,
But our paper stands out, like no other!

Want to learn more?

See the Q&A on theMednet.org about the following question: What is your approach to practical monitoring of lupus disease activity in clinical practice?

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