Bracket and Scouting Reports

The theme for RheumMadness 2024 is “Practically Perfect.”  Each team in the tournament is based on a recent article vying to be named “the most practically useful article in the tournament.” These aren’t just your run-of-the-mill reads; they’re the ones you’ll want to keep handy in your back pocket for real-world applications in clinical practice.

The teams in this year’s tournament were proposed by groups of rheumatology trainees and attendings from all around the world.  These groups also wrote “scouting reports” reviewing the learning points of their article so participants can learn why each team might win the tournament.  In total, 90 people collaborated to create the scouting reports (54 fellows, 26 attendings, 5 residents, and 5 medical students).  They are amazing learning resources, and we hope you enjoy them!

***NEW THIS YEAR*** In the spirit of keeping things practical, we asked the scouting report authors to create visual aids that will help you apply the lessons from their article in practice. Feel free to print them out, tape them up in your office, post them in your work rooms, etc.

Below, we have listed all of the scouting reports reviewing the teams in the 2024 tournament. After reviewing the scouting reports, head over to the tournament website and submit your picks.

Use the links below to access each scouting report

  • Precision OA, by the University of North Carolina Fellowship Program
  • ADIRA, by the Allegheny Health Network Fellowship Program
  • COVID Vax Guide, by the Ohio State Fellowship Program
  • VITAL, by the RheumMadness Leadership Team
  • GCA Score, by the University of Chicago Fellowship Program
  • LLDAS, by the University of Manchester Fellowship Program
  • ARCTIC REWIND, by the University of California San Diego Fellowship Program
  • EMBRACE, by the Northwestern Fellowship Program
  • PRODERM, by the Medical College of Wisconsin Fellowship Program
  • INBUILD, by the Ochsner Rheumatology Fellowship Program
  • SAPHYR, by the Medical College of South Carolina Fellowship Program
  • Comparing ULT, by the University of Michigan Fellowship Program
  • NORD-STAR, by the Vanderbilt Rheumatology Fellowship Program
  • RA-ILD Review, by the University of South Florida Rheumatology Fellowship
  • MTX Myths, by the Duke University Fellowship Program
  • ORAL Surveillance, by The EMEUNET Group

Ready to make your picks?

Note: you will be taken to an external website (Tourneytopia) where the RheumMadness tournament actually takes place.  If you have not submitted a RheumMadness bracket before, you will need to register.

Scouting Report Archive

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