Bracket and Scouting Reports

The All Star Season is here!  This year, the scouting reports were authored by 123 collaborators from 19 fellowship programs and 2 private practice groups, including 76 fellows, 40 faculty, 4 residents, and 3 medical students. What an amazing collaboration!

Below, we have listed all of the scouting reports for the 2023 tournament. When you’re ready, head over to the tournament website and submit your picks.

Use the links below to access each scouting report

  • Etanercept for RA, by the Ohio State Fellowship Program
  • Etanercept + MTX, by the University of Chicago Fellowship Program
  • Infliximab for RA, but the University of California San Diego Fellowship Program
  • TEAR Triple Rx, by the UT Southwestern Fellowship Program
  • BeSt Trial, by the Medical University of South Carolina Fellowship Program
  • TICORA Trial, by the Arthritis & Rheumatism Associates Practice, Washington DC
  • Clonal Selection, by the Vanderbilt University Medical Center Fellowship Program
  • MSU & NLRP3, by the Geisinger Medical Center Fellowship Program
  • Abs before SLE, by the Massachusetts General Hospital Fellowship Program
  • CCP & Enolase, by the University of South Florida Fellowship Program
  • Pathogenic ANCA, by the University of North Carolina Fellowship Program
  • CYC for PAN, by the Allegheny Health Network Fellowship Program
  • CYC in Scleroderma, by the Louisiana State University Shreveport Fellowship
  • ULT During Flare, by the Medical College of Wisconsin Fellowship Program
  • RAVE Trial, by the Wake Forest Fellowship Program
  • HCQ Withdrawal, by Bryn Mawr Medical Specialists Association Practice
  • ALMS Trial, by the University of Alabama and Birmingham Fellowship Program
  • LUMINA, by the Northwestern University Fellowship Program
  • HAQ, by the RheumMadness Leadership Team
  • Cortisone, by the University of Colorado Fellowship Program
  • Origin of RA, by the Duke University Fellowship Program
  • Origin of sJIA, by the Montefiore Pediatric Fellowship Program

Ready to make your picks?

Note: you will be taken to an external website (Tourneytopia) where the RheumMadness tournament actually takes place.  If you have not submitted a RheumMadness bracket before, you will need to register.

The RheumMadness OnePager

Need a quick review of the teams as you make your picks? We collaborated with Dr. Mithu Maheswaranathan (@MithuRheum), creator of @RheumOnePagers to create an infographic reviewing the entire bracket in one page. Check it out below.

Scouting Report Archive

Looking to find your favorite scouting report from a prior year?  See links below.

2022: Click here to access the bracket and scouting reports from RheumMadness, Planet of the Rheumatologists

2021: Click here to access the bracket and scouting reports from the first season of RheumMadness