"Being the only staffer in this office, the time we can devote to such deep policy research is extremely limited."

“Our sincere thanks to the students who took part in this effort.”

Legislative Assistant
Office of N.C. Sen. Michael Garrett

Policy Lab Provides Policymakers with Introductory Policy Research

Are you working on issues or investigating questions that would benefit from introductory research conducted by bright, energetic undergraduate public policy students? Policy Lab is a new, nonpartisan, service-learning initiative in which public policy students produce a research product in response to your request.  

What we will provide:

Working in small teams, the students in Professor Deondra Rose’s Political Analysis of Public Policy course will produce brief policy memos in response to questions posed by policymakers, issue advocates, nonprofit organizations, and community leaders.  We are inviting questions on a rolling basis. Each research team will respond to two questions per term. For the fall term, they complete their first set of memos around October 15 and a second set of memos around November 15. For the spring term, they complete their first set of memos around March 15 and a second set of memos around April 15. 

Memos will be 2-3 pages in length and will be delivered electronically to the email address you indicate.  Students will provide introductory research in the form of background information, a description of policy options and policy recommendations.

Specifically, they will strive to provide the following:

  • Insight into practices and other programs in other states, cities, counties, or countries
  • An overview of scholarly research on the topic
  • Analysis of public opinion data related to the issue Information about North Carolina (or another geographical area)
  • Additional information per your request (e.g., special considerations or limitations, specific areas of focus…)
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