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This project builds on a collaboration that combines complementary expertise in micro-CT (Dr. Cristian Badea, PI) and micro-MRI (Dr. G. Allan Johnson, co-PI). These two team members directed  the Duke Center for In vivo Microscopy (CIVM), a national Biomedical Technology Resource Center developing novel preclinical imaging methods.

Dr David Kirsch, a cancer biologist/clinical radiation oncologist who is leading the sarcoma clinical trial at Duke and Dr Yvonne Mowery a radiation oncologist   provide crucial insight into the design of these studies and  supply the sarcoma animal model. Dr Rutul Patel is also involved with acquiring and analyzing lung CT data.

Dr. Stephanie Blocker is involved with the MR  optimization procedures  and performs most of our MR  studies with the help of Yi Qi. Matt Holbrook works on Micro-CT and MR imaging.

Dr Alexandra Badea, provides expertise in image segmentation and analysis. Matt Holbrook is creating tools for automatic analysis using deep learning and radiomics for our tumor data.

Finally, Dr. Daniel Sullivan, a prominent member of QIBA, provides advice and oversight of our quantitative imaging approaches.