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CIRP Papers

Our Duke U24 group contributed to these 3 CIRP network papers focused on preclinical imaging:

  1. Moore, S.M.; Quirk, J.D.; Lassiter, A.W.; Laforest, R.; Ayers, G.D.; Badea, C.T.; Fedorov, A.Y.; Kinahan, P.E.; Holbrook, M.; Larson, P.E.Z.; Sriram, R.; Chenevert, T.L.; Malyarenko, D.; Kurhanewicz, J.; Houghton, A.M.; Ross, B.D.; Pickup, S.; Gee, J.C.; Zhou, R.; Gammon, S.T.; Manning, H.C.; Roudi, R.; Daldrup-Link, H.E.; Lewis, M.T.; Rubin, D.L.; Yankeelov, T.E.; Shoghi, K.I. Co-Clinical Imaging Metadata Information (CIMI) for Cancer Research to Promote Open Science, Standardization, and Reproducibility in Preclinical ImagingTomography 20239, 995-1009. https://doi.org/10.3390/tomography9030081
  2. Gammon, S.T.; Cohen, A.S.; Lehnert, A.L.; Sullivan, D.C.; Malyarenko, D.; Manning, H.C.; Hormuth, D.A.; Daldrup-Link, H.E.; An, H.; Quirk, J.D.; Shoghi, K.; Pagel, M.D.; Kinahan, P.E.; Miyaoka, R.S.; Houghton, A.M.; Lewis, M.T.; Larson, P.; Sriram, R.; Blocker, S.J.; Pickup, S.; Badea, A.; Badea, C.T.; Yankeelov, T.E.; Chenevert, T.L. An Online Repository for Pre-Clinical Imaging Protocols (PIPs)Tomography 20239, 750-758. https://doi.org/10.3390/tomography9020060
  3. Peehl, D.M.; Badea, C.T.; Chenevert, T.L.; Daldrup-Link, H.E.; Ding, L.; Dobrolecki, L.E.; Houghton, A.M.; Kinahan, P.E.; Kurhanewicz, J.; Lewis, M.T.; Li, S.; Luker, G.D.; Ma, C.X.; Manning, H.C.; Mowery, Y.M.; O’Dwyer, P.J.; Pautler, R.G.; Rosen, M.A.; Roudi, R.; Ross, B.D.; Shoghi, K.I.; Sriram, R.; Talpaz, M.; Wahl, R.L.; Zhou, R. Animal Models and Their Role in Imaging-Assisted Co-Clinical TrialsTomography 20239, 657-680. https://doi.org/10.3390/tomography9020053