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Detection of Lung Nodules via Deep Learning in Micro-CT

Detection of Lung Nodules in Micro-CT Imaging Using Deep Learning
Matthew D. Holbrook; Darin P. Clark; Rutulkumar Patel; Yi Qi; Alex M. Bassil; Yvonne M. Mowery; Cristian T. Badea
Tomography 2021, Volume 7, Issue 3, 358-372

Data and Code Availability: The data presented in this work are available by request at https://civmvoxport.vm.duke.edu, and the code used for training and analysis can be found at https://github.com/mdholbrook/lung-tumor-detection.

Tumor Mapping

Our tumor mapping paper  is now published and our images made the cover:

Blocker SJ et al. Ex Vivo MR Histology and Cytometric Feature Mapping Connect Three-dimensional in Vivo MR Images to Two-dimensional Histopathologic Images of Murine Sarcomas.

Radiol Imaging   Cancer 2021 May;3(3):e200103. doi: 10.1148/rycan.2021200103

Protocol on the Primary Sarcoma Model

Our p53/MCA High Mutational Load Model of Soft Tissue Sarcoma
Dr. Yvonne Mowery

To recapitulate human soft tissue sarcoma (STS)  in the preclinical setting of our co-clinical trial, we generate a primary mouse model of STS by intramascular injection of adenovirus containing Cas9 gene and a guide RNA targeting p53 gene (Adeno-Cas9-sgRNAp53) and carcinogen 3-methylcholanthrene (MCA) into the gastrocnemius muscle of wild-type 129/SvJ mice. This is describe in:

Primary Sarcoma Model Protocols – Ad-Cre or Ad-sgp53-Cas9 Intramuscular Injection

Towards deep learning detection of lung nodules using micro-CT data