Outreach Design Education

The Outreach Design Education Program (ODE) at Duke University is a set of programs that introduces younger students, particularly those from underrepresented backgrounds, to engineering design and fosters an appreciation for STEM. Through engineering design, we promote students’ STEM identity by empowering them to be the drivers of biomedical innovation.

Our focus on design, rather than conceptual or abstract learning exercises, gives students the practical skills to identify problems and develop solutions. With these skills, students can transform an idea from a far-off concept into a finished product.

All of our programs are funded by the National Institute of Health. They are FREE for participants, and meals are provided. 

• Our Programs •

Design Hackathon

for middle school students

Summer Design Camp

for high school students

• The Design POD •

Our programs take place at The Engineering Design POD on Duke University’s West Campus.

The POD is a beautiful space for hands-on learning. It includes work tables, hand tools, power tools and rapid prototyping machines such as laser cutters and 3D printers. Participants will learn to use these tools (with oversight from our lab managers) as they design and prototype solutions to real problems.