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The Chen Lab is interested in understanding the molecular and genetic events underlying cancer progression and metastasis. The focus of our work is a series of genetically engineered mouse models that faithfully recapitulate human disease. Using a combination of mouse genetics, omics technologies, cross-species analyses and in vitro approaches, we aim to identify cancer cell–intrinsic and –extrinsic mechanisms driving aggressive and metastatic disease, with a long–term goal of developing new therapeutic strategies for preventing and treating human cancer. Read more


Recent News

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Mu-En Receives the DoD PCRP Early Investigator Award

The Chen Lab Receives the 3rd NIH RO1 Grant

Drs. Chen and Davis Receive Borden Scholars Award

The Chen Lab Receives the DoD PCRP Idea Development Award

Prostate Cancer Metastasis – Fueled by Fat? — NEJM

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We are actively seeking highly-motivated graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and undergraduate students to join the team. Contact us if you are interested.


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