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Heather Nunn

Nominated by Nam Tran | Heather has been such an ideal team player for our sleep team, especially in the past 6 months! She volunteered to be interviewed by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine… Read More »Heather Nunn

You’re the Best!

Angela Wilson

Nominated by Valerie Keck | She has always been an observant person and saw that I was hiding some distress. She pulled me in the lab today and asked if she could pray for me.… Read More »Angela Wilson

You’re the Best!

Rachel Sipfle

Nominated by Catherine Abrigo | Rachel is one of a kind; most hardworking nurse I have ever worked with. She’s always willing to help and very easy to approach. I am very grateful for her… Read More »Rachel Sipfle


Molly Morgan

Nominated by Cindy Brown Quinn | Molly is a Clinical Social Worker at DPC Durham Peds. For the past two years, I’ve always heard how patients love her and never want to leave! She makes… Read More »Molly Morgan

Finance and Admin team in The Graduate School

Lorelei Evans, Dan Heflin, Iryna Merenbloom, Caroline H Morris, Natalia Provorov, Shakiera Rose, Joel Salgado, and Cynthia Stout

Nominated by Shanna Fitzpatrick | Each academic year, the Finance and Admin team in The Graduate School is always ready to take on new initiatives and challenges. I am very grateful for their collaborative spirit… Read More »Lorelei Evans, Dan Heflin, Iryna Merenbloom, Caroline H Morris, Natalia Provorov, Shakiera Rose, Joel Salgado, and Cynthia Stout


Kathy Williams

Nominated by Linley Brown | Kathy was out on vacation for a week and returned to my urgent request to schedule a committee meeting. She was responsive and working on my request before 8 AM… Read More »Kathy Williams

You’re the Best!

Amelia Scott

Nominated by Shonagh Russell | Amelia is always willing to help. She never makes anything seem like a task, and will always take the time out to explain something or train someone. She has been… Read More »Amelia Scott

You Make It Look Easy!

Melissa Roop

Nominated by Bryan Wilson | She works long hours, never says no and upholds the standards of USP 797. I enjoy working with her because of her attention to detail. Through all this she still… Read More »Melissa Roop

You’re the Best!

Mimi Davis

Nominated by Dana Clar | Mimi is always available to support me and anyone on our team with her expertise. She is patient and easy to approach. Asking for help can be hard but Mimi… Read More »Mimi Davis

You’re the Best!

Matt Bailey

Nominated by Stacey Mangum | Keeping up with timelines for deliverables to sponsor and ensuring the quality of work by paying attention to all the details! Thank you Matt for a GREAT job!

You Make It Look Easy!

Jessica Nipper

Nominated by Teena Wyatt | Jessica brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our department assisting our Vice Chair of Education and in helping streamline our processes with Department Grand Rounds. She is such… Read More »Jessica Nipper

Esther Turner

Nominated by Teena Wyatt | Esther came onboard 3 months ago and has taken the helm of our medical student program and has also taken the lead organizing, maintaining and managing our Department Grand Rounds.… Read More »Esther Turner

High Five!

Jenifer Crompton

Nominated by Teena Wyatt | Jenifer has done an amazing job with our recruitment process this year for our fellows as well as organizing, maintaining and managing our didactics for all of our fellowships.

You’re the Best!

Falesha Houston

Nominated by Nicholas Tise | Falesha is one of the kindest, most conscientious team members I have ever had the privilege to work with. Over about a decade of partnering with her on many training… Read More »Falesha Houston


Julia Conrad Fisher

Nominated by Sharon Kaiser | Julia has been instrumental in the deployment of Canvas throughout the Medical Education community. She has worked with faculty and staff to ensure that they are comfortable and competent in… Read More »Julia Conrad Fisher


Emily Wang

Nominated by Bethany Melega | Emily, RN always seems to have a smile on her face. She is always willing to help out her neighbors even when the task that needs to be done is… Read More »Emily Wang

You’re the Best!

Bethany Melega

Nominated by Emily Wang | Bethany, RN is the most supportive neighbor at work. She always takes the extra time to help out even during busy shifts!

Well Done!

Josh Wilson

Nominated by Trey Gowdy | Josh was instrumental in creating a top caliber website portal for a project – and went above and beyond in the creative and technical development process of the custom-built tool.… Read More »Josh Wilson