Product Overview

Penxy is a web-based narrated slideshow creator, Chrome and Firefox only, that is being heavily marketed as of late 2015. Penxy allows you to upload your presentation (PDF or PowerPoint) to their website and start the recording. One nice point to mention, for PDF files, each page is treated as a slide. Audio is recorded using the computer’s microphone but there is no video. However, a picture can be uploaded as part of the profile. After the recording is complete, the website then creates a narrated presentation, called ‘Talking Slides’, that can be distributed via a unique link for embedding or viewing. The tool includes an editor that allows you to swap out slides from the existing deck or add new ones from the deck to a particular narration track.

Core Distinguishing Feature Set

  • Web-based software
  • You upload a PPT or PDF and narrate audio for each slide
  • No video
  • Web-based editing
  • Hosted on

Penxy and Duke

We don’t have a pressing need for a tool like Penxy given our use of Panopto and have only done cursory evaluation. However, Penxy does seem to have a fairly good UI that streamlines the process of uploading and publishing narration tracks for PPT and PDF.