Product Overview

Tegrity is a compelling solution on paper, with a range of integrations (many LMS’s and authentication systems, including Shibboleth) and other interesting features, including askii-based indexing of all recorded content (websites, PPT, Excel, etc.) to drive site-wide search.  Some features, such as built in remote proctoring, are unique to Tegrity. This function is designed for distance education scenarios to provide an additional level of security beyond authentication for students taking online exams.  The software records all activity on the student’s screen, his/her webcam video (which they are required to have turned on), and their microphone.  The proctor is then able to review those recorded materials to certify the authenticity of the exam.


Core Distinguishing Feature Set

  • Mobile apps (for both playback and recording) for both iOS (full screen for iPad) and Android (incl. Kindle Fire)
  • Upload “video as class”–i.e., external media ingest similar to Panopto Unison
  • Built in remote proctoring.  
  • Cloud hosting
  • Notetaking capability similar to Panopto

Recent Updates

Tegrity doesn’t seem to be a product that is being actively developed at this time. A look at their help blog (http://help.tegrity.com/updates) shows mostly maintenance releases and bug fixes going back to 2013. Tegrity’s public-facing blog (http://www.mhhe.com/tegrity/blog.tegrity.com/index.html) hasn’t been updated since December, 2012, and there are numerous broken links on the site (e.g., http://www.mhhe.com/tegrityresources and the Tegrity “watch a demo video” on their main page)


Tegrity and Duke

Although Tegrity scored very well on the 2009 feature survey that led to our selection of Panopto, when we tested Tegrity then, we had difficulties getting many aspects of the tool to work as they were supposed to. Given the lack of major new features and the large number of bug fixes since then (http://help.tegrity.com/updates), perhaps performance and reliability have been improved, but we have not had opportunity to do any recent testing. Duke also is content at this time with Panopto’s dual software and hardware model that allows us to do both automated (scheduled) and manual recording.