Product Overview

Collaaj is another company new to our 2015 survey. Their primary focus is lightweight software apps for Mac, PC, iPhone and iPad in conjunction with cloud based hosting (using either Amazon’s AWS or Microsoft’s Azure). Collaaj has a tight integration with Kaltura so that you can upload videos directly to MediaSpace from within the application, and you can also use Box or Ensemble Video to host videos you create with this system. Additional integrations with 3rd party OVP platforms may be possible as custom development.

Collaaj’s mobile app is basically a whiteboard canvas into which you can bring everything from images and live video from your camera to documents from Box or Google Drive. You can annotate and resize windows, and whatever is showing on the whiteboard screen  becomes an .mp4 when you decide to record. There is a built-in library of titles you can choose from to begin and end your presentation.


Core Distinguishing Feature Set

  • Mobile apps
  • Integration with Kaltura and other providers
  • Simplicity
  • Cloud hosting

One interesting note is that it looks like the Collaaj desktop recorder is the same software that constitutes the Kaltura CaptureSpace desktop tool (also looked at in this survey), just slightly re-branded.


Collaaj and Duke

Most of the functionally Collaaj offers is already available to us via Panopto. Collaaj, is, however an interesting tool in that it seems streamlined and easy to use. The mobile apps looks especially handy as a simple platform for user-generated content creation.