2018-19 Trainee Projects

Identifying treatment outcomes and early predictors of failure in 600 hospitalized patients with acute exacerbation of COPD treated with non‐invasive ventilation
Chris Mosher, MD – Pulmonary & Critical Care, DCRI Fellow
Mentors:  Neil McIntyre, Scott Palmer, Ben Goldstein, Megan Neely, Nrupen Bhavsar, Bhargav Adagarla

Identifying and Intervening to Improve Medication Nonadherence in Lupus Patients
David Leverenz, MD  –  Rhematology Fellow
Mentors:   Ankoor Shah, Amanda Eudy, Megan Clowse

Defining and Improving Established Continuity of Care Practices in the Peri-Hospice ALS Population
Michael Murn, MD, MS – PGY3
Mentor: Phil Choi

Analysis of Emergency Department Utilization of the Duke Primary Care and Duke Urgent Care Patient Population
Sheila S. Sherzoy, MD – Internal Medicine Resident PGY-2
Mentors: Kevin Shah, John Yeatts

Integration of Patient Reported Outcomes into Epic for Cancer Care
Heather Rosett – MD Candidate 2020, DIHI Scholar
Mentor: Thomas LeBlanc

Severe Hyperlipidemia at Duke: Improving Patient Identification and Simplifying Treatment
Corey Bradley, MD – PGY2 Internal Medicine
Mentor: Ann Marie Navar

Assessing and Monitoring Clinical Decision Support Tool Success
Brian Douthit, MSN, RN-BC – PhD Candidate
Mentor: Clay Musser

Increasing Access to Primary Care Among GME Trainees
Christelle Tan – MD Candidate 2020, DIHI Scholar
Mentor: Kevin Shah

Hypertensive Control Across Durham Primary Care Provider Network
Jordan Gayles, MD – PGY3
Mentors: Kevin Shah and Edward Cooner

Defining and Improving Established Continuity of Care Practices in the Peri-Hospice ALS Population
Michael Murn, MD, MS – PGY3
Mentor: Phil Choi

Duke Virtual Assistant
Jedrek Wosik, MD – Jedrek Wosik, MD – Cardiology, Clinical Informatics (DHTS) and DCRI Fellow
Mentors: Manesh Patel, Larry Carin, Eric Poon, Matt Roman, Sean Sondej, Suresh Balu

Using the Electronic Health Record to Implement a Dynamic Outcomes Prediction Model for Patients with Atrial Fibrillation and Heart Failure
Zak Loring, MD- Cardiology fellow
Mentor: Jon Piccini

Rebecca Lumsden, MD – PGY3, MScGH candidate
Mentor: Neha Pagidipati

Technology Enabled Remote Monitoring in Patients with Chronic Stable Coronary Artery Disease
Guillaume Marquis-Gravel, MD  –  DCRI Cardiology Fellow
Mentor:  Matthew Roe

A Targeted Approach to Inpatient Penicillin Skin Testing
Matthew McCullough, MD – Med/Peds PGY3

2017-18 Trainee Projects

Duke Environment for Learning and Promoting Health Innovation (DELPHI): an easily-accessible open-science clinical care database
Anthony Lin

H. Pylori: testing approaches, eradication rates, and resistance patterns
Stephanie Gabarino, MD

Development of a Remote Monitoring Program for Home Dialysis Patients
Niraj Kothari, MD

RRT ICU Handoffs
Nathaniel Moulton, MD

Bariatric Metric Improvement: Improving Inpatient Care of Morbidly Obese Patients at Duke University Hospital
Shannon Niedermeyer, MD

Provider responses to financial incentives for diabetic quality in an academic multi-site outpatient network
Benjamin Ranard, MD MS

ABx Choosing Wisely in Primary Care
Shakirat Salvador, MD

Big Data and Analytics to Medical Education
Shanna Sprinkle, MD

The effect of earplugs and eye masks worn at night on the incidence of delirium in general medicine inpatients
David Sterken, MD

COHORT 4 (2016-17)

Sepsis Care Platform: Predictive Analytics and Treatment Delivery Dashboard

Nathan Brajer
Project Team:  Cara O’Brien, Armando Bedoya, Meredith Clement, Nathan Brajer, Mark Sendak, Bryce Wolery, Joe Futoma, Sanjay Hariharan

Bridging the Treatment Gap: Improving the Time to Cure of Hepatitis C in North Carolina
Ashley Spann MD
Project Team:  Julius Wilder, Kevin Shah, Alex Cho, Donna Phinney. Eugenie Komives

STEMI Xpress: Innovation in the triage of cardiac emergencies
AJ Blood MD, Sam Lindner MD, Aditya Mandawat MD
Project Team:  Manesh Pxatel, Schuyler Jones, Sunil Rao

Building a novel clinical pathway for rheumatology referrals

John Paul Shoup MD
Team:  Rob Keenan, Alex Cho, Donna Phinney, Kevin Shah

COHORT 3 (2015-16)

Say No to No Shows – Modeling a system for predicting clinical appointment no shows

Afreen Shariff MBBS

Early Warning System to Detect and Treat Sepsis
Armando Bedoya MD, Meredith Clement MD, Rebecca Sadun MD

EHR Generated Risk Assessment of ASCVD to Guide Primary Prevention

R Matthew Atkins MD, Andrea Sitlinger MD

Redefining Management of Neonates Born to Mothers with Chorioamnionitis:  Estimating the Probability of Neonatal Early-Onset Infection
James Edwards MD, Laura Kupper Edwards MD

COHORT 2 (2014-15)

Using Available Data Sets to Define a Clinical Problem (Quantifying observation admissions to DUHS)
Blake Cameron MD, Kathryn Hudson MD, Melissa Wells MD, John Yeatts MD MPH

Large Scale Quality Improvement for Multi-disciplinary problem (Maternal Mg protocol and neonatal bowel perforation)

Anastasyiya Chystsiakova MD, Leslie Pineda MD

Improving care at Duke using Duke data and an external data platform (ERAS and cost saving using an expensive medication)

Mohamed Adam MD, Jeffrey Yang MD

COHORT 1 (2013-15)

Sedation practices in the ICU
Angela Lowenstern MD, Lynn Howie MD, Nicholas Wysham MD

When Automation Fails/Limitations of our Current Data Structure (VTE prophylaxis)

Aaron Mitchell MD, Krish Patel MD, Kevin Shah MD MBA