Our Training Program

In 2013, a multidisciplinary group of innovative visionaries developed a novel training program to teach clinicians how to blend research-derived evidence published in the medical literature with data generated from day-to-day clinical practice in order to improve future practice.  Critical to the success of the Learning Health System Training Program (LHSTP) was support and funding from Victor Dzau, former Chancellor of Duke Health, which continues today under the leadership of Eugene Washington.

High-quality, high-value medical care requires a workforce prepared to blend practice based data with research based evidence within the increasingly digitized health care environment, in order to advance personal clinical practice, support personalized medicine, and contribute meaningfully to an evolving body of knowledge.  Clinical practice has historically been a qualitative, story-driven profession – and it should still be. That being said, stories can be transformed into discrete, analyzable data. And this process is easier and more reliable when clinicians understand the link. The LHSTP’s underlying purpose is to expose clinicians to the importance and value of high quality data. This is important for research – and for clinical care. In aggregate, this has enormous potential for the research community at large. Just like traditional EBM catapulted the role of the clinical trial and systematic review to the forefront, learning health intends to accelerate understanding of analyzable data and the critical relationship between data, research and improving clinical practice further catapulting the importance of research in the minds of practicing clinicians.

The program focuses on learners who have variable backgrounds and familiarity with the core concepts needed for a learning health system.  The program is supported by the engagement of faculty and mentors throughout the heath system.

Program leadership:
Aimee Zaas MD MHS
Blake Cameron MD MBI
Kevin Shah MD MBA
Armando Bedoya MD MMCi
Laura Roe