Our Training Program

The Duke Learning Health System Training Program’s (LHSTP) mission is to train a new generation of clinical leaders with skills in using data to understand and inform care delivery.

The Duke LHSTP launched in 2013, when a team of visionary educators recognized the need to develop clinical leaders that are adept in working with data generated from day-to-day clinical practice and that are prepared to drive change in an increasingly complicated and digitized environment.  Critical to the success of the Learning Health System Training Program (LHSTP) was support and funding from Dr. Victor Dzau, former Chancellor of Duke Health, which continues today under the leadership of Dr. Eugene Washington.

We believe clinicians need to understand the value and limitations of real-world clinical data as they work to advance personal clinical practice, support personalized medicine, and contribute meaningfully to an evolving body of knowledge.

The LHSTP supplements Duke’s existing healthcare training programs, enrolling typically 6-10 trainees per year from a variety of disciplines and subject areas, including medical residents & fellows, medical and nursing students, Duke Institute for Health Innovation scholars, and administrative fellows.  As detailed in the curriculum section, trainees receive didactic education and gain hands-on experience through working in teams on projects of high priority to Duke Health.  The multi-disciplinary nature of the program mirrors the composition of healthcare teams and strengthens the education by bringing together diverse perspectives.

Program leadership:
Aimee Zaas MD MHS
Blake Cameron MD MBI
Kevin Shah MD MBA
Armando Bedoya MD MMCi