Danio rerio

Key to labels used in the table: Entries highlighted in yellow have not yet been analyzed to determine the relatedness of the protein to other kinesin proteins. These sequences are denoted TBD, indicating that the family assignment has yet to be determined. The new family names are shown in the table with the former family names in parentheses.


Protein name

GenBank ID

Protein ID


Ensembl ID



also known as

Danio rerio ZfEG5 AF506215 21105431 Q8JHI1 ENSDARG00000006884 TBD 955 Kif11
ZfKnsl2 AF181248 6503041 Q9PTK9 ENSDARP00000001263 Kinesin-14 (C-term) F 389 Kifc1
ZfKsn2 BC045419 55777998 Q7ZVT4 ENSDARG00000007271 TBD 895
ZfMGC55995 NM_200239 41053854 Q7ZUW9 TBD 895
ZfMGC66125 NM_200823 41053519 Q6P9P4 ENSDARG00000012856 TBD 1248
ZfMKLP1 AF139990 6006743 Q9PUU5 ENSDARG00000026695 Kinesin-6(MKLP1) 867 Kif23
ZfKif1b-a AY029411 20384658 Q8JIX1 ENSDARG00000042096 TBD 1161

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