Updates July 2019

Another year’s worth of updates (2018 through July 2019)!

Keeping up with the lab webpage is a lower priority than keeping up with the actual lab…..


Congratulations to lead authors Brittany Elliot and Hsiang-Ting Ho for an outstanding manuscript published in Nature Communications!  Their work shows that snoRNAs can guide internal 2′-O-methylation of mRNA targets, which then regulates mRNA expression and translation. The target described in our paper (peroxidasin, Pxdn) provides a mechanistic link between the Rpl13a snoRNAs and the regulation of ROS and oxidative stress.

See our Publications page for more updates.

New Lab Members

Hala Abou Assi, PhD: Hala came to Duke in April 2018 after completing her PhD at McGill University in the Damha lab. As a post-doctoral fellow, she has a joint post-doctoral appointment in the Holley and Al-Hashimi labs.

Yinzhou Zhu, PhD: Yinzhou came to Duke in June 2019 after completing his PhD at University of Connecticut in the Carmichael Lab.

Alex Choi: Alex is a Duke undergraduate in the School of Engineering.

Grants and Awards

NIH R01 HL146381 (PI: Holley): The Role of RNA Modifications in Heart Failure

2019 Mandel Scholar Award (PI: Holley): RNA Modifications in Cardiovascular Disease

Translating Duke Health (PI: Holley): Proteomic Profiling of Heart Transplant Donors and Recipients to Determine the Role of Inflammation and Immune Activation in Primary Graft Dysfunction


Jan 2018  Keystone Symposium: DNA and RNA Methylation. Vancouver, BC (Canada). Brittany’s abstract was selected for both a poster and oral presentation, and she also won a travel award!

Feb 2018  University of North Carolina. UNC McAllister Heart Institute Seminar Series: Non-coding RNA, RNA Modifications, and Oxidative Stress in the Heart. (Holley)

March 2018  5th Annual RNA Symposium, RNA Institute at University of Albany: SnoRNA-guided modifications on mRNA. Albany, NY. (Holley)

Nov 2018  Stanford-Duke Cardiovascular Research Symposium: Unexpected biology of snoRNAs in the heart. Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA. Award: Best Junior Faculty Presentation (Holley)

April 2019  Duke-NUS Medical School, Singapore. SnoRNAs and RNA Modifications in Cardiovascular Disease. (Holley)

April 2019  American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) Annual Meeting: Modification of mRNA by snoRNA-guided 2’-O-methylation. Orlando, FL. (Holley)

June 2019  Functions of Epitranscriptomes: Modification of messenger RNA by 2’-O-methylation regulates gene expression.  University of Chicago, Chicago, IL. (Holley)