Short meeting summary from Sept 2, 2021

Pickett Road clinic

  • open for clinical research and DOCR is willing to work with you on all or part of your studies. You can use their staff or have your staff there.
  • please reach out through their email and notify Jen Hamill to help coordinate as well.

Intent To Submit: 

  • Will be through SOM ITS (not a separate one for DOM) and available on MRH.
  • Will have some updates over the next few months and likely be required by January.

Submission timelines: 

  • All final grant docs are due to ORA 5 business days before due date.
  • DOMRA needs 5 days to review before that. Faculty should plan for final grant to be ready for review 10 business days prior to due date.

Open positions in the CRUs: 

  • We are actively hiring but we have ongoing concerns about retention of experienced staff as we lose almost half the staff at 1-5 years.
  • The CRU will be looking for ways to support team and improve working environments. Please reach out with any concerns.

CRU communication to faculty 

  • We will provide short summaries in emails and the slides in powerpoint
  • CRU staff are available to attend divisional meetings to help put a face with a name. Please reach out if you would like us to attend.

FY21 score card and FY22 Metrics 

  • Discussion regarding enrollment- accurate numbers, feasibility, ITS will help. concern regarding less experienced staff and the ability to enroll even if target population available. This will be an active area of discussion over the next year, esp as OnCore data improves.
  • Research staff are working to clean up data in OnCore by Oct 1st so some of these metric will improve and more accurately reflect the research.

CRU Process Improvement initiatives 

  • Goal to have more robust faculty monthly meetings with ARPM, GCA and cGCAs. Will review enrollment, identify problems, review finances.
  • Task responsibility chart discussed, faculty would like a copy (attached).

Download the full PowerPoint presentation here