Department of Medicine Human Resources

Hiring Questions

Mark Bettger is first contact for any HR issues

  • Phone – 919-681-4653

If Mark is not available, contact the following with questions or issues:

  • Staff /HR Issues – Kayla Burns
    • Phone – 919-684-1378
  • Payroll/Timecard Issues – Flo Harris
    • Phone – 919-684-5493

New Positions

  • Contact Mark Bettger to submit request to DOM-HR.
    • The following information is required in order to submit request:
      • Title of position
      • Job description
      • Hiring Manager
      • Fund code to pay for position
      • If it’s a temporary position, duration of position
    • DOM-HR approves
    • SOM approves
    • Position is posted
    • Hiring manager works with DOM-HR on the hiring process
    • Once a candidate is selected, notify Lisa Wright to work with DOM-HR on completing the hiring process (salary, start date, offer letter)