We assign students in pairs, so they can learn about the nonprofit more quickly and provide diverse skills and expertise to the board.
Students commit an average of 10-12 hours per month, including time spent: a) preparing for and participating in board meetings, b) attending relevant committee meetings, and c) participating in required FOB training sessions. Note that Fuqua MBA students study in an intense, six-week term system during the academic year and students may not be available to participate in board activities during classes, exam periods, and vacations.

The 850+ students in Duke’s Daytime MBA program are from all over the globe and possess skills and experiences from across a variety of sectors, industries, and professions. Students typically have 4-6 years’ experience beyond their undergraduate degrees, and many are seasoned professionals with other advanced degrees. Our students include nonprofit executives, management consultants, entrepreneurs, investment bankers, marketing specialists, engineers, teachers, military personnel, Peace Corps volunteers, etc.

Both students and nonprofit organizations must go through an application process including a written application and an interview with the FOB leadership team. We then match pairs of students with boards based on their skills, interests, and backgrounds. Students are typically matched with nonprofit partners in early November and begin engaging with the board as soon as the students and boards wish.

In addition to fulfilling the responsibilities of an active board member (attending meetings, serving on committees, etc.), students complete a project which boards can identify from the FOB Project Menu. FOB projects are designed to map directly to improving the nonprofit partner's board governance and effectiveness, while also helping the students engage more fully with the board and learn about board service. Projects generally fall into 5 categories: board building, board assessments, board operations, fiscal oversight, or strategic priorities.