F. and Family



“My behavior has changed. The food has changed. All of that. Life has changed.” – F.

Interview with F.

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Everyday, I go to my work as a housekeeper. I enjoy my work, and I like the United States as it is peaceful and safe, unlike my country. Everyone has also their liberty. The people here are nice, and I have friends here. The only thing I found strange was iced tea – in my country, we don’t drink tea that is cold, I find that really strange here! But after all, I’ve been here for a long time and have got used to it.

I don’t really see a strong sense of community here, and I don’t really have a group of friends. I work, come back home, shop, bring my children to Duke Gardens, but don’t really visit others in their homes. I’m always busy with my work and the children.

My first impression of the States was the cold. There isn’t snow or ice in Cameroon. But one adapts as always; if you see the children, they go to school and speak only English and have forgotten all their French. It’s necessary since everyone speaks English here. We must adapt.

The best things I like about the United States are the education system and employment opportunities.


Interview with L.


I go to Creekside School in Durham. At school, my favorite subject is science, because I like studying the moon and rocks, and doing projects about them. I also like doing art at school. With my friend, I like playing in the playground, especially playing tag and cops and robbers. In Durham, my favorite place is my house, because I like watching television and playing dolls. When I am not at school, I like playing tennis and swimming. In the United States, I like the television shows, the people, and sometimes the food. My favorite food in the United States is pizza, but I prefer Cameroonian food.

Interview with S.

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I go to Githens Middle School, where I am a seventh grader. At school, my favorite subjects are science and math, because I like studying the stars and space, and math is useful, and it helps with your job. When we work well, we get free time when we can play soccer, which is my favorite part of school. I haven’t decided yet what I want to do when I grow up, but maybe I can work in a bank. I know I don’t want to be a doctor, because it is hard work. A lot of my friends live in Oak Creek also, and we work together at school. In the United States, I like the people and sports. Soccer is my favorite sport, but I also play tennis, because you can play tennis even when you get old. I don’t like American football, because it is dangerous. My favorite English singer is P-Square, but in French, it’s Fournier. My favorite food at school is nachos and chili, but at home, I like anything! I like English, and studying it, but French is easier than English.

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