Round I

We will use a modified Delphi Study to develop a sense of the landscape of the field of environmental education (EE) using 3 rounds of surveys of a panel of experts — including you! Our process and your role are described below.

This Round (Round 1) will provide you with background information: (a) two formative documents in EE: the Belgrade Charter definition and the Tblisi objectives for EE, and (b) results from an initial description of the field presented at the Fall 2013 NAAEE Research Symposium. You will be asked to choose outcomes, strategies, and tactics that are of central importance (“core”) to the field of EE, and those that are a close second (“next to core”), providing explanations for your choices. You are free to use words and phrases that describe the field that go beyond the background information, which is simply meant to seed your thought process. We anticipate that each of the rounds will require from 60 to 90 minutes of your time.

Between each round, the research team will analyze and synthesize data from the panelists; each synthesis will then inform the content of the subsequent Delphi Round. That is, in Rounds 2 and 3, you will receive similar questions, but you will see the aggregated data analysis from our Panel in prior rounds. We hope that these analytic results will move our panel toward agreement on both core and next-to-core outcomes.


We are not gathering data around outcomes, strategies, or tactics that  you think are neutral or not important to the field of EE.