Round III Instructions


Punchline: click on the URL in the email Charlotte sent to access the Round III survey. This Round has only 6 questions, so we hope the entire panel will complete the Round! 


In this third round, our survey will ask you to complete two types of questions:

First, we will ask for your level of consensus that the results generated by this panel from Round II comprise a worthy list of top outcomes for the field of environmental education. The five top outcomes are:

  1. Behavior and changes to behavior
  2. Health of the environment
  3. Experience in and interaction with the physical environment
  4. Improving social and cultural aspects of the human experience
  5. Learning necessary skills and competencies

The following statement provides one way to encapsulate these five top outcomes.

The field of environmental education is centered on moving people to action to the tangible benefit of the environment.  To do so, people must connect experientially with nature; must develop skills that serve to accomplish such movement; and must understand the essential, complicated social and cultural connections between humanity and the natural environment.

Second, we will ask the panel to reflect on the relationship between these top outcomes and others found in the data that may be strategies or tactics for EE, or that may be top level outcomes for other fields. In other words, our outcomes may be important strategies or tactics linking us to other fields, and strategies or tactics for other fields may be critically important to achieving our top outcomes. This second exercise will allow us to look at the bridges or links between EE and related fields.