Researching a Description of the Landscape of the Field of Environmental Education

This site served as a vehicle for a 3-Round Delphi study to depict the “landscape” of the field of Environmental Education (EE) from the perspective of experts involved with the North American Association of Environmental Education (NAAEE).

In Round I, 50 expert respondents from North America were invited, through 30 open-ended questions, to suggest the (a) Outcomes, (b) Strategies, and (c) Tactics that are core and next-to-core to the field of EE. The Round I survey was open in November and December, 2014, and 36 individuals provided responses.

Round II focused on the top Outcomes that panelists provided in Round I. That is, in Round II,  the same 50 expert panelists were provided the top outcomes to emerge from the Round I data, and were asked to respond to the opinions of the group through questions that ranked these outcomes, and requested strength of agreement on each. A few open-ended questions were also included.

Round III aimed to come to consensus on the top 5 outcomes of the field of environmental education, to gather thoughts on a statement encapsulating these outcomes, and to gather perceptions on bridges or links panelists saw between EE and other fields or areas in terms of outcomes, strategies, and tactics.

The three rounds were implemented from November 2014 through October 2015.