New Hospitalists to Benefit from Teaching Program

Beginning next week, Drs. Greenblatt (GIM) and Yanamadala (Geriatrics) will present their Teachers’ Workshop to newly hired DUH and DRH hospitalists. Participants receive a series of six 2-hour seminars based on the “Stanford Faculty Development Program in Clinical Teaching”, a curriculum designed to enhance teacher versatility.

These two instructors have collectively trained more than 1000 physicians across various settings, both in the U.S. and in several countries, the most recent in Singapore at Duke-NUS.

Greenblatt tells us:

The curriculum engages students to focus on incorporating these strategies into busy clinical environments.


Dr. Greenblatt in the classroom.

How does all this work? There’s still didactic material but there’s also group discussion, role-play exercises, video capture for feedback, and, finally, both personal and institutional goal setting.

Just as we manage the complexity of seriously ill, hospitalized patients, these faculty must be able to select effective strategies while taking into account many variables simultaneously, including the content, the learners, and the context in which the teaching takes place. Turns out the seminars focus on principles, guidelines, and behavioral alternatives, tools that teachers can use to improve their teaching effectiveness.