Have you heard of “WIP”? Think Faculty/Fellowship Development

Works in Progress

WIP stands for “Works in Progress”, part of a weekly Faculty/Fellow Development Series directed by Drs. Corrine Voils and David Edelman. The series content often covers educational topics but a special focus is the “Works in Progress”. In these sessions mentees present preliminary research findings, grant ideas, or perhaps a review of an abstract prior to submission to a meeting. They can receive feedback on presentation skills via a practice talk for a conference.

The WIPs provide an opportunity for early-career and faculty and fellows to provide and receive feedback on a project idea or ongoing project.

per Corrine Voils, PhD, co-director of the HSR&D/GIM fellowship


Co-Directors Edelman and Voils

Each mentee signs up for one slot and invites a relevant faculty member to attend, ideally someone with whom the mentee would like to collaborate. That faculty member is someone at Duke, or UNC, whose feedback would be helpful, regardless of whether the faculty member is on the mentorship team.

Some examples of presentations have been: adults in Durham County with prediabetes, tailored ehealth case management for persistent poorly controlled diabetes, integrated sleep intervention for PTSD, and cancer registries in Tanzania.

The WIP seminars provide an excellent opportunity for GIM fellows and junior faculty to both hone their presentation skills and get their colleagues’ help with a particular research challenge.

remarks from David Edelman, MD, co-director of the HSR&D/GIM fellowship 

And, from Dr. Ryanne Wu, former program fellow and now GIM facultyRyanne Wu

The WIP session was very helpful to me. During my session, I presented some graphical layouts of data I was planning to use for my CRTP masters’ thesis. The group helped me think through the data and the best ways to present it. The entire group, from fellows to senior faculty, were very engaged in the conversation. Having fresh eyes to look at my work was very helpful. 

Questions about this great program? Contact the Directors or the staff co-ordinator, Dana Tucker. Click here to learn more about the post-doctoral fellowship training program.