Daniel Castelo

Rev. Todd Maberry joins one of our newest faculty members, Dr. Daniel Castelo, to discuss what it is like to join our community, what can be lost in translation, and how family can support our stories. They also face questions such as, is theological work an act of worship or a spiritual discipline? Can a siesta be the key to surviving life as a night owl? Join us for this lively conversation.

You can find the books Dr. Castelo mentioned, The Cost of Discipleship and These Truths, through their publishers. You can stream the show Monk on Amazon Prime. Dr. Castelo is the William Kellon Quick Professor of Theology and Methodist Studies at Duke Divinity School. He joins two other new faculty this fall and you can learn more about all the new faculty and their  scholarship here.

The Pentecost Window mentioned in this episode is found on the ground floor of the Westbrook Building. You can register for an on-campus visit here to see it in person.

Pentecost Window

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