Ronald K. Rittgers

Join us for our next faculty conversation between Rev. Maberry and Dr. Ron Rittgers. They cover topics such as, the value of having space to ask all your questions and what it means to be a theologian of the cross. Dr. Rittgers explains his scholarship broadly as taking what we have learned from the past and applying it to the present day. He explores the delight in unearthing texts and engaging previous generations of Christians. And, perhaps most importantly, they answer the question: can you be cool and a Christian at the same time?

Dr. Rittgers recent publication, A Widower’s Lament: The Pious Meditations of Johann Christoph Oelhafen, can be found here. Find a copy of the book Dr. Rittgers recently read, Josef Pieper’s, Faith, Hope, and Love, online. You can stream Picard on Paramount+.

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