Divcast is coming soon!

Take a listen to our preview episode and subscribe if you are interested in learning more about theological education at Duke. Series 1: Essential Questions with Duke Divinity Faculty will begin in late summer 2020.

Download the episode transcript or click below to read it.

Rev. Todd Maberry: I have some intriguing news to share with you. Duke Divinity School is launching a podcast. We are calling it the Divcast, and it will give you an inside look into the Duke Divinity community. My name is Todd Maberry – a 2006 M.Div. grad, current Senior Director of Admissions, Recruitment and Student Finance, and the initial host of the Divcast. We will be bringing to your podcast feed stories and conversations that will highlight the scholarship of the Duke faculty, provide intimate details of the student experience, and illuminate the incredible ministry being done by our alumni all over the world. In the summer of 2020, Duke Divinity School is welcoming eight new faculty members. We are launching the Divcast by sharing a series of conversations that will introduce you to some of our new faculty, and you will not want to miss learning about how the scholarship at Duke Divinity continues to develop. Subscribe now on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. You will be glad you did.