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Fall 2022 Workshop Series: Race, Power and Partnership

The DEC organizing committee has been working with Dr. Nicki Cagle, Organizer of the Diversity and Equity in Environmental Programs (DEEP) Collaborative at Duke’s Nicholas School of the Environment, to develop a workshop series on Race, Power and Partnership. We would like to get information on how many people/organizations are interested in participating. Please review the information below, and respond to the very brief survey at:
Dates and time: 10am-noon, Sep 20, Oct 18, & Nov 15.
Commitment: To participate in this series, organizations must (1) apply and (2) commit to the process of this series including attending all three workshops, completing pre-readings, and participating in between-meeting activities to develop partnerships with black and brown community members. Each organization should have 3 (maximum) people participating.

Purpose. The DEEP/DEC Workshop Series on Race, Power, and Partnership aims to provide a structure for environmental organizations identifying as white-led or white-dominated to learn how to:

  1. Build trust with black and brown community members and organizations & 
  2. Create inclusive organizations that attract black and brown leaders and members, and to do both in a way that adds value for black and brown community members and organizations.

This workshop series is open to all, but is primarily focused on the work that white and white-passing people committed to dismantling systems of oppression in our organizations can do in allyship with black and brown people. In this, we invite black and brown organization leaders and presenters to participate in the process in a way that is intended to reduce the chance of further racialized harm and increase trust and collaboration.

Workshop Session 1 – Race, Power, & Partnership: A Listening Session. A moderated listening session with black and brown led local environmental organizations delving into their needs, barriers and opportunities for partnership, power and privilege. Homework 1 will involve completing an equity audit and getting feedback from existing partners about the audit.

Workshop Session 2 – Power & Privilege. A deep dive into building trust and adding value to black and brown organizations in our work as environmental organizations. Homework 2 will involve arranging and meeting with potential community partners at least twice to engage in activities that build trust and add value to the community partner’s work, developing a plan for continuing to build trust and add value for your community partner, and inviting a leader from your community partner to attend the next session so they can give you feedback on your plans (these leaders will receive a stipend for attending).

Workshop Session 3 –  Partnerships. A Feedback Session. Organizations volunteer to present their ideas for building trust and adding value to participants and black & brown presenters from session one to get feedback.

This series is made possible with the generous support of the Burt’s Bees Foundation and the Nicholas School of the Environment.

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