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Environmental Justice: Know Your Local Soils Session (Fall 2023)

This Session. Programming took place on October 10th, 2023 at the Forest History Society. The Environmental Justice: Know Your Local Soils session explored a brief overview of What is Environmental Justice? In this session, participants discussed the science behind diagnosing soil for chemical contaminants, the sources and health impacts of common contaminants, and how to reduce possible exposures for vulnerable populations. Participants worked in groups learning to use an online diagnostic tool, Check Your Dirt NC! developed by the Duke Superfund Research Center in collaboration with NC State Cooperative Extension. There were opportunities for partner organizations to engage in cross-dialogue with other local organizations to learn more about the ways in which EJ work is currently done in the Triangle.


  1. Review the basic principles of environmental justice
  2. Learn what chemical contaminants in soil are, where they come from, how they impact human health, and how to reduce exposure
  3. Identify instances of soil contamination as an environmental justice issue and how to apply this awareness to education and advocacy work

Thanks to Chiara Klein and Liz Shapiro-Garza from the Community Engagement Core Duke University Superfund Research Center for facilitating!



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